Friday, August 10, 2012

Is fear holding you back?

Is fear holding you back from something you'd really like to do? Or from something you know you really need to do?

Perhaps you know one of your relationships isn't working. You are afraid to rock the boat and make changes—or even ask for change. It might be that you need changes in your workplace but don't dare ask. Or you really need to find a new job. Perhaps something in your life requires you to move out beyond your comfort zone. And you are just flat-out scared.

I have been there, that's for sure. And I probably will be again. One thing I find helpful is to treat Fear like a person or separate entity. Face it head-on. Ask Fear some questions. What's so important to you? What's being threatened? What value are you trying to protect? Just keep asking questions and drilling down until you can learn more about what's going on with the fear.

Once you understand more about the nature of the fear, you may well realize that you really will be able to move ahead with what you want or need to do. Facing the fear will reduce it in size and make it more manageable. And understanding it will likely suggest choices to you on how to live with it and still move ahead. It's often said that courage is simply facing the fear and doing what you feared anyway.

If you want help with fears in your life, please contact me for a free, no-obligation strategy session. It's often easier to break through the fear when two people are working on it together.

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