Thursday, August 2, 2012

Joy and grief: the odd couple

Starting a new job or career? It's an exciting time, isn't it? It might be the honeymoon period where everything about the new position seems perfect to you. You like your new colleagues. You like your workplace. You like the job description.

Are you also feeling some twinges of sadness? Or fear?

It's natural. If you left another job, or even if you lost your job and had no choice in the matter, there are probably some things you liked about your former situation. Perhaps one part of your former position that you really loved. Or perhaps the lifestyle it afforded you. Joy and grief may seem like an odd couple, but they often can be found together.

If that's your situation, be sure to honor those feelings inside you. Grieve whatever you have lost in your old job—or in the lifestyle you had prior to taking this position.

Several of my clients were surprised that they should feel any grief in the midst of a wonderful, new transition. But grief and joy often come mixed together. Be attentive to whatever you are feeling and find ways to honor those emotions. That will allow you to move forward in a clear and unencumbered way.

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