Friday, August 31, 2012

Flip-flopping or transformation?

In these last few months, with politics front-and-center, we have heard a lot about "flip-flopping." And while I definitely believe that people should be true to whatever beliefs and positions they espouse at the time, I also believe in the possibility of change and transformation.

Do you hold the same beliefs about yourself that you had when you were a young adult? Do you see the world in the same way you did right out of college? I know I don't.

I would hope that as we add to our experience, we grow and change. As we experience more of life, perhaps even tasting failures and mistakes, we come to savor the transformation that is offered within those very situations.

When a politician proudly says he or she hasn't changed in any way in the last 30 years, I don't find that to be an asset. I would hope that person has tasted more of life and has seen and experienced things that have left a profound impression and meant growth and change. I would hope that we're capable of growth and new insights until we take our final breath.

Just as a caterpillar sheds its skin multiple times on its journey to become the beautiful butterfly, so we, too, experience transformation again and again.

I invite you to embrace it. Yes, even embrace change—difficult as it may be initially. Very often, it can offer possibilities and choices we didn't dream possible. I remember being shocked at first when I've heard people say they were grateful for their cancer (or some other illness or devastating situation)—because it had put them on a much different path, one that offered deeper joy and contentment. Now I get it. And I agree.

What is your experience of transformation? I'd love to hear in the Comment box below.

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