Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just like a plant

It is dangerously dry here in Illinois. Perhaps it is where you live, too. My lawn is brown and crunchy, and my plants and flowers are just hanging on. And the poor farmers are in desperate straits.

I watered my flowers and plants around the house after dinner tonight. They were all looking pretty sad and seemed to be calling to me: "Help, please help!" After a nice soaking, I was amazed to see how some of them already perked up. They really responded to the nourishment.

Are you any different? I'm not. Sometimes I am not in a good place, for one reason or another, and I may appear to my friends just like my plants did to me: "Help!" Very often, with a sympathetic listening ear, some time and loving attention, I perk up again. My problem is still there. But I feel able to handle it because I've been nurtured and nourished.

I remember the afternoon when I lost my job. As I drove home, absolutely devastated, I called each of my three sons. Of course, they responded with love and affirmations of my worth and value. And they comforted me. Then that night, my dear friend came over with one of my favorite comfort foods: moose-track ice cream.

I still had the same problem: I'd been Reduced In Force. But I had companions on the journey. I had been nourished. It made all the difference—and allowed me to go back to the office the next day to clean out all my files and say goodbyes. Of course, that wasn't the end of the story—and I was blessed to receive lots more nurturing and nourishment in the days ahead. That helped me grieve my losses and eventually, to dream new dreams.

Who and what is nourishing you these days?

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