Monday, August 20, 2012

Open those doors

When I trained to become a life coach, I did dozens of sample sessions with friends and relatives. I won't forget my coaching session with my sister. It was delightful to watch her make discoveries.

She told me later that she felt that, with my deep listening and my focused questions, I was "opening doors" for her, one after another. One question opened a door that she walked through. She did some exploring in that space. I asked another question and that opened yet another door. More discovery and exploration. And so on.

I really love the image she described. I have long been enchanted with photographs of doors. I've seen them often at art fairs in the photographic displays. I always wonder what's behind a door. I think of all the possibilities.

I was so excited, and so humbled, to be part of a process that opened doors for my sister. I still am captivated by the image of one doorway after another extending far out ahead of me, with each door opening, one after the other. What possibilities! What an invitation to discovery!

Do you have some doors you'd like to open? Come, explore with me ... and let's help you discover new possibilities for your life, your career, your relationships or wherever you need open doors. Who knows what transformation awaits?!

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