Monday, October 1, 2012

Focus on the positive

"Believe" is the theme for Weight Watchers these days. Its website and materials show a confident Jennifer Hudson moving forward accompanied by "believe" in large letters. Those large letters themselves are composed of several words or snippets of words, such as: confidence, love you, strength, healthier, hope, smile, stronger, achieve, and dream, just to name a few. (Just for fun, Google the Weight Watchers website and see for yourself after you've read this blog.)

Just seeing Hudson in motion with a confident smile on her face and the word "believe" across her image makes me feel more positive. And when I look closely at the smaller words that comprise the large word "believe," I sit up straighter and feel the energy surging through me.

What an impact words and images can project! Knowing that's true, what can you do today to pump up the confidence you feel? What can you do to be energized and more positive? It really does begin with a decision—decide today that you'll focus on the positive in your life.

No doubt, you have problems, perhaps even pain, whether physical or psychic. We all have things in our lives that aren't easy. And there are times when we absolutely have to focus on them and deal with them. We also know that whatever we focus on grows larger. So when possible, I invite you to focus on the positive in your life. Feel the gratitude. Believe. In yourself. In others. In God or whatever you call your Higher Power. And just for fun, put some of those words above (smile, confidence, dream, etc.) on post-it notes and place them where you'll see them often. Do you feel empowered just thinking about it?

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