Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pity-Party Days

Yesterday was one of those Pity-Party Days. Ever have one of those? I didn't sleep well, so that wasn't a good start. A series of things had occurred that, on their own, wouldn't have bothered me so much—but strung together, became the makings of my party! I hate when that happens. Sometimes I can stop the party before it begins. But yesterday I wasn't so successful.

Came my beloved sister to the rescue, however. She and I Skype frequently (it's one of our joys these days when we're not employed outside our homes!), and we did so yesterday. Cheryl is just plain good for my soul. She is not only sister but dear friend. We often refer to ourselves as "womb-mates" for even though we weren't twins, we did have the same source. Once I had talked with her about my mood and the Pity Party that was in progress, things shifted. I felt ever so much better by the time we hung up much later. She's a good listener—and encourager.

I knew that would happen. One of my favorite resources in the stress tool kit I use is "talking with a friend." When I'm really stressed—or just downcast about things piling up in my life, I think about what things help me most: a walk in nature, time on the treadmill or other exercise, journaling, talking with someone, meditation, going to a movie, to name just a few. Do you have a tool kit? What are your favorite stress relievers?

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