Thursday, October 25, 2012

What keeps you grounded?

So many people in my life have had difficult experiences recently and now find themselves in that place of wanting to regain equilibrium or groundedness. Some life situations really throw us off our stride and simply sap us. It's all we can do to just keep going and do what's needed each day.

What helps you get your groove back when such things occur? Do you need to get back into your routine and restore structure to your life? Are you the type who needs solitude and a calmer life style to regain your centeredness? Or are you best served when you can sit with your partner or best friend and debrief? Do you recover best in the company of others?

It's so important to know yourself and your style. It's equally important to be sure you get what you need. Good self-care is always important. But during times of high stress, self-care takes on even more importance. What often happens, of course, is that we're so stressed that we don't think about self-care. It's so often the first thing to go. Be attentive to that phenomenon, though. Find those things you really need to get your groove back. And take the time to do them.

Please contact me if you'd like to talk about a stressful situation and how you can get back on track again. It's not always easy to find that center-point of well-being again. But it is possible—even if your life now involves a "new normal."

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