Friday, October 26, 2012

Live in gratitude

We recently stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast where the hosts paid great attention to detail and offered special touches that made our stay even more wonderful than we had imagined it might be.

After we returned home, I found the bed and breakfast's Facebook page and wrote a thank you and a recommendation to others. In pure frustration, I had done just the opposite a few years ago when a restaurant gave us the most awful experience we've had: outrageous treatment by the maitre d' when we entered, terrible service, bad food and finally, not bringing our bill for 20 minutes after we asked for it. I expressed my dissatisfaction that night, wrote an email, left a comment on the website and put more comments on the restaurant Facebook page. All to no avail.

I, of course, had been hoping for some acknowledgement that they had failed me. And in the case of the B and B, we had received beyond our expectations. So why wouldn't I express my gratitude?

Living in gratitude is good for everyone. As Linda Douty says in her delightful book, How Did I Get to Be 70 When I'm 35 Inside?, "... grateful people live more fruitful and happy lives; thanksgiving unleashes positive hormones into our bodies; immune systems are boosted by optimistic emotions; relationships blossom when nurtured by appreciation. You name it—gratitude helps it." Not only is it good for those on the receiving end, obviously it's good for you and for me to express the gratitude.

Start looking today for those things you appreciate. Make a list each day. Tell those around you how much you appreciate them. You'll feel so much better!

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