Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life's difficult lessons

A friend told me about a life-changing event that was devastating at the time. He admitted that, as awful as it was when he lived through it, he would never be who he is today without that having happened. He also would not be doing something he absolutely loves and which he feels is such a perfect fit had that event not occurred.

I have had at least two of those events in my life, too. Certainly my divorce qualifies—as does the time I was Reduced In Force from my job of 22 years. Now many years after my divorce and a few years after my job loss, I can see the difference both those things have made in who I am today and in what I am doing—not to mention how I do what I do! I learned a lot through them.

Do I wish to relive the years following either one of those tough times? No. But can I claim the growth that occurred because of them. I can also know that the scars from those and other difficult life experiences are part of who I am. And that's not a bad thing.

We don't need to embrace awful life circumstances and have a "bring it on" attitude. We also don't need to cower in the face of such situations nor deny or bury them once they're behind us. There is the middle ground of seeking the life lessons and change that can come from such events. That just might make all the difference in how we respond to life changes, both as they're happening and afterward.

What's been your experience? Are you willing to share it with us in the Comment box below?

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