Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New beginnings

Each day now I notice something new coming to life. The grass is greener by the day. Grape hyacinths greet me as I leave my house. Daffodils add stunning splashes of yellow to the landscape all around. Trees are budding, a little more each day. The birds seem to outdo one another with their songs. I love spring!

It doesn't matter how many springs I have lived to see. It's new each year. The pleasure is just as fresh to me this year as it was when I was 5 years old.

New beginnings always are thrilling, aren't they? What about those in your life? Has some change in your life lately offered you a new chance? A new lease on life? A new career? Relationship? Even just a change in attitude?

Look for new beginnings. Endings always have the seeds of new beginnings in them. Sometimes we focus so much on the ending that we fail to see what the "new normal" may offer. Reflect on your life today and see whether there's some new life you overlooked. Savor it.

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