Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Savor what's around you

Sunday was a stunningly beautiful day. We decided to use part of it for a walk in the forest preserve near my house. I was quite focused on the beautiful day—and on the fact that we were walking and getting exercise. Then I remembered! What is it I tell you in my blogs so often? Stay awake and aware. Notice what's around you, Sonia. And feel the joy that arises from that awareness.

So as we walked along the path through the woods, I looked around me, up into the trees for birds and through the trees. And what a reward. Even though it was early afternoon and we usually don't see the deer out until later, I caught sight of one doe. And then I saw two more ears sticking up between two tree limbs. Then a third doe showed up. We stopped to observe them (as they watched us!)—just savoring the moment. Such lovely creatures. We saw many familiar birds and also a couple we didn't recognize. One gave us quite a show with a lovely red head and neck as it puttered around in the flowers covering the forest floor.

Ah, our walk turned out to be about more than exercise. That was a good reminder to me. When I'm so focused on tasks, I can easily forget to look around me and savor the beauty. I like the way the sun shines through the stained glass dragonfly on my office window. I want to pay more attention to that—not just to my computer screen. I enjoy seeing the cardinals sitting on the evergreens and also the flowering trees in my back yard. Perhaps I'll make a covenant with myself to stop every 30 minutes and look out my window just to savor the beauty that's out there.

What's around you today that calls for your attention?

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