Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sharing stories and ideas

Do you like to read as much as I do? I absolutely devour books. Although I enjoy autobiographies, I tend more toward fiction.  I also read lots of inspirational books to keep me feeling positive.

My book club met last night—our final meeting before we take a summer break. I'm always amazed at all the different meanings and levels of meaning found in the books we read. That's what I like so much about being part of a book club. Someone else may have gotten something very different out of a story. I always learn so much. Because we bring our own life stories into the discussion at times, I also learn something about my sister club members. Their journeys teach me something, too.

Another thing I like is that because we all contribute ideas about which books we should read for the year, I end up reading books I otherwise might not read. And other women have said the same about books I've suggested; they might never have read those either.

It's so fun to share. Sharing books. Stories. Ideas. Learnings. Resources. Journeys.

If you have any book that rises to the top of your list right now, I'd love to hear about it in the Comments box below. Please share your favorite(s).

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