Friday, May 9, 2014

You have a right

Last week I discovered a personal bill of rights on a website, and I want to share some of the items with you because I think they're worth noting and thinking about.

Here are some of the things to which you have a right, according to this website:

• To ask for what you want.
• To refuse requests or demands you can't meet.
• To express all your feelings, positive or negative.
• To change your mind.
• To make mistakes and not have to be perfect.
• To follow your own values and standards.
• To say no to anything when you feel you're not ready, it's unsafe or it violates your values.
• To be uniquely yourself.
• To say you don't know.
• To feel scared and say you're afraid.

Many more rights were listed. The advice given was to post the list in a conspicuous place and carefully read it every day. Over time, the site said, you'll believe it.

Here's an idea: Write your own personal bill of rights. What would you add to such a list? This might be a good exercise for any of us. It can be especially helpful if you struggle with boundary issues and feel that people take advantage of your good nature.

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