Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Balance positive and negative

I've been torn about this for a few weeks. A financial adviser I really trusted messed me up with taxes this year. Big time! He completely neglected to tell me about the impact that would result from a change in my finances he recommended and orchestrated. And to make matters worse, he refused to take responsibility—or to even talk with me, letting his assistants field my calls.

My intention for a few weeks has been to write him a letter about all this—and also to post some warnings about his behavior on social media sites.

I had mixed feelings about this, not wanting to dwell on negative issues and yet wanting to warn others either to avoid his services or to question him on everything he says and does. I still plan to handle this and complete my intention. But it's also interesting to me that I've put it off this past month. I am trying to live in gratitude and focus on positive things in my life. And when I think about writing this (former) adviser, my anger level rises all over again. I want to put it all behind me.

Yet, I know full well there's a balance in there somewhere. Even if I want to focus on positive things in my life, I sometimes need to respond to neglect, injustice and extremely poor service. And I can't fully put it behind me until I confront it.

So I'm committing to write the letter and deal with social media this week. Time to move on.

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