Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beauty colors your life

Beauty. It's all around us. Sometimes we notice it. Sometimes we don't. If our lives were completely stripped of it, however, we would really miss it.

Someone sent me this link to a video of flowers opening up. The flowers are filmed over time and then shown as though they open up instantly. It's a beautiful video—and worth watching. Stunning color photography!

When I watched it, I remembered something I learned several years ago when I visited in the former East Germany. I asked a local resident why so many of the buildings in a particular town there were gray. I was told it was because as much color as possible had been removed from the lives of people in the days of a split Germany to keep the East Germans numb and depressed. Such people aren't likely to create an uprising and foment for change.

That experience really made me think about the importance of color in my life. I reflected on the important role of beauty. Beauty inspires. It energizes. It fills our lives with happiness and joy.

Imagine a world without color. It's difficult, isn't it, because we're so surrounded by color and by beauty—especially now in spring when flowers are erupting in color all around us. Commit to paying attention to the color and beauty all around. Awareness is a beautiful thing!

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