Thursday, May 1, 2014

Check your attitudes

A few days ago actor George Clooney's engagement to London lawyer Amal Alamuddin was announced. I don't generally pay attention to such entertainment news. But I did hear some TV anchors comment on the engagement, saying things such as, "I wonder how she caught him" and "I heard she played hard-to-get so that must have been her secret." What?! I admit that really caught my attention.

Alamuddin is a stunningly brilliant and beautiful Oxford-educated woman. I seriously doubt she needed to strategize to "catch him," bright and erudite though he also is.

The whole lesson in this for me is to pay attention to what old ideas and attitudes still remain in my thinking and vocabulary. Do I still have some attitudes that are as silly as those exhibited by the TV anchors I heard? If so, it's time to weed them out and let them go. Do I still have some core beliefs and behaviors that are really outdated and which I also need to let go? It's good from time to time to do a mental review of such things—and see what serves me well and what doesn't.

For my money, the process of letting go is such a fundamental and necessary part of living well and living in a healthy way. Many ideas, attitudes, thought patterns and behaviors need to change as we continue to grow and develop. We need to let go and move on to new, healthier ways of being.

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