Thursday, May 29, 2014

Work with change, not against it

Yesterday we talked about change and transition. Because many (most?) of us fight change, we actually make it more difficult for ourselves. That makes the transition even more rocky and prolonged. It's not unlike childbirth, really.

Before my first son was born, I took a natural childbirth class. I recall the trainer telling us that if we worked with the contractions rather than fighting them, they would be so much less painful. Our labor would proceed more quickly and smoothly, and we'd experience less pain and trauma.

So it is with change and transition. If you and I can make peace with change—and accept that it's the norm rather than the exception—and if we can work with the transition (the internal piece of change), life will be more joyful. Change and transition will proceed more quickly and smoothly. 

Change really is so much a part of life. Why do we think it's the exception? We need to change our mindset and see it as normal. That would be a good starting point. Then we need to develop good tools for letting go because that, too, is an essential part of healthy life and well-being.

If you have thoughts or experiences to share on this topic, I'd love to hear them in the Comments box below.

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