Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Self-compassion goes a long way

Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed by life situations? Sometimes things just pile up until your stress level is off the charts. And it's easy to go into high-anxiety mode and overwhelm.

When that happens, you might wish you were a child again and could just climb into your mom or dad's lap and have them comfort you and make everything better. We don't have that option at this stage of life, do we?

But we definitely can turn to self-compassion and learn how to soothe ourselves. What helps you reduce your anxiety and stress? Deep breathing? Walking your dog? Petting your cat? Be sure to give yourself some positive messages to remind yourself that you're doing your best and that you can handle whatever you're facing. Post inspirational quotes around your house if that helps in times of stress and overwhelm. Keep inspirational books around. Do whatever will bring you back down off the ledge, as it were.

Self-compassion is an important component of modern life. In addition to learning how to care for and comfort ourselves, when we are compassionate to ourselves, we find it easier to feel compassion for others, too. Let's hear it for self-compassion!

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