Monday, July 25, 2016

Staying grounded in the chaos of life

Life is so complicated these days, isn't it? Little things become bigger and trip us up. I definitely discovered that last week.

I made plans for an overnight stay on our way from home in the Chicago area to Iowa for a beloved aunt's funeral. I called a motel in a town near where the funeral would be. I used the number listed on that motel's website. When we arrived at the motel, the desk clerk found absolutely no record of our reservation. What? I had even received a confirmation email, which in my haste I hadn't even checked carefully nor printed out (big mistake!). Anyway, the place had a room and at an even better rate, so all seemed to be well.

But once we were home again, I decided to check the confirmation email and discovered it was from an entirely different state. However, it listed the same phone number that was given on the other motel's website in the state where we did stay. So a motel in Minnesota lists the same number as one in Texas? What? After more than an hour on the phone both with my credit card company (yes, I was charged for the one in Texas, too!) and with the hotel group's customer care department, I still had no clarity. I'm supposed to get a call back. We'll see.

My point in this complex mess is that life's small details can sometimes pile up and bring more headaches than the larger events of life. There really is no way you can foresee some of these little things piling up until they hit. But it points out to me the importance of daily grounding—of doing everything we can to keep our balance, our centeredness, our equanimity. Sometimes that really gets tested, as it did for me last week. My stress level was already pretty high—and then I had to deal with this crazy confusion that no one else could explain either. I'm still hoping for recompense. In the meantime, deep breaths. Keep the larger picture, Sonia!

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