Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The art of savoring

Did you know that savoring is linked to optimism, self-esteem, life satisfaction and happiness? Research shows that people who savor report greater well-being.

So what is savoring? It's paying attention—being mindful and spending time thinking about the positive experiences from past, present and future. Lingering in our minds on the good stuff. It extends the "shelf-life" of our happy and positive experiences.

Right now I'm savoring all the precious and fun times I had with my youngest son and my youngest grandchildren when I visited them last week. This means the good times I enjoyed when I was there will last even longer. I let my thoughts linger on those experiences. That doesn't mean I'm living in the past. I'm still present to what's happening in and around me right now. But I grab a memory or two from those days in Oregon and savor them before returning to the present again.

Why not make a conscious choice to do more savoring? Give thanks for what's good in your life. Pull up some good memories and relish them a while. Take a mental picture of good things that happen so you can savor them later. Share the experiences with others—that adds an extra sparkle to your savoring. Pay attention to all your senses. That boosts your ability to savor.

Let the good times roll. And linger on them from time to time to add to your happiness and life satisfaction.

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