Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Keep dreaming

Don't ever think you're too old to dream. Long ago I heard that we don't keep dreams alive—dreams keep us alive. Until we breathe our last, we will want to have some dream to give us hope, something to work toward.

I just coached a woman in her 80s who said she'd pretty much done it all. But she's looking for some changes, something new in her life to get her jazzed again. How inspiring is that?

As Sister Joan Chittister says in her book The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully, "To stay alive, fully alive, then, we must open ourselves to life's eternal dream. We must dream to be better people tomorrow than we were today. ...we must be willing to rethink all the ideas that have kept us bound until this moment."

Further, she says that "the dreams that determine the ultimate quality of our lives never die, are never too late to be grasped. It is the ability of humans to change their minds, to begin again, to start over, to be someone else."

We can continue changing, evolving—right to the end. That's the good news.

What dreams are keeping you going right now?

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