Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Stress and the heart

Recently I've mentioned the stress I'm feeling. Sue Patton Thoele in The Woman's Book of Spirit speaks of first becoming mentally aware of the stress and of also physically releasing the pent-up energy. And then she takes it a step further when she writes:

"Allowing our hearts to transform stress is the third step in siphoning it out of our bodies and souls. Move your awareness to your heart and visualize a symbol for the stress. Let the light and love of Spirit pour through you onto your symbol. Allow it to be transformed into peaceful energy. If it won't change, encase it in a container and put it on a remote shelf, and then surround yourself with a protective shield of light."

And she adds a mantra: "I take stress into my heart, and bless and transform it with love and light."

If you're a person who can work with images such as that, I highly recommend trying this. I definitely intend to do so. Telling myself to let it go simply isn't working this time!

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