Friday, July 1, 2016

Childhood innocence & wisdom

I've just returned from more than a week with family—with my youngest grandchildren, aged 4 and 9. I am filled up again!

Is there anything like the innocence and the wisdom of little children? Is there anything like their hugs and unconditional love? And their enthusiasm and sense of wonder? Their questions that show a depth for which we don't always give them credit.

I find so much to learn from these younger ones. They help me open up to things I had long since stopped noticing. And I need that. It's all too easy to, figuratively at any rate, keep my head down and just keep going so I can get done everything I think is so important to get done! Children aren't like that. They notice things. The ladybug crawling along the window sill. The small stone with an interesting shape. They take delight in such things. I could use a good dose of wonder and delight from time to time!

So today I feel grounded again—and a renewed sense of wonder at all that's around me. And that fills my heart with gratitude.

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