Thursday, January 17, 2013

A balancing act for women

Keep your eyes wide open and stay alert to surprising opportunities that cross your path. That's what I blogged about yesterday when I referenced a book by Hoda Kotb—Ten Years Later: People Who Faced Adversity and Transformed Their Lives. That was the message Kotb gave in a TV interview I saw on Monday.

Yesterday I saw Kotb interviewed on another morning news show. This time when asked what the takeaway was as she looked at the six lives who had been transformed, she said it was that those six people were thinking about others in their desire to survive and thrive. They wanted to overcome their difficulties because of family members or someone else who was counting on them. So not only is transformation about staying open and alert but it's about looking outside ourselves.

And that's a balancing act, especially for women, isn't it? Sometimes we tend to spend so much time and energy caring for others that we neglect ourselves. Self-care isn't even on our screen at times.

Kotb is right: Our lives are much happier, and we are more open to those transformational moments when we have that broader vision that includes others. Yet, we need to get filled up ourselves, too. Self-care is important—and is not a selfish act. We can't keep pouring out for others from an empty pitcher.

Balance. I find it to be a constant challenge, one that's regularly in need of rebalancing. Sometimes you may feel you have just the right balance in your life. Then something gets off kilter, and you have to make some changes: drop this volunteer activity or add that one, try a yoga class or join a book club, whatever will help you regain your equilibrium.

How do you find the balance? Please share below what works for you. I'd love to know!

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