Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keeping balance

I have always been deeply upset by injustice in the world. And I've been fairly outspoken in naming it and fighting it in the last few decades.

As I age, however, I had hoped that I could step off my soapbox a bit more often and become that calm, serene woman I so long to be. I don't want to stop caring about sexism, racism, classism and the other isms I've written about and spoken out against through the years. I just wanted to pass the baton to others to be the activists so I could get more in touch with the contemplative Sonia.

What I'm finding, however, is that this is easier said than done. When I hear something on the news about injustice, I'm right there again—the mother bear ready to fight for her cubs!

I'm reminded, once again, of that tightrope we walk every day as we try to balance different aspects of ourselves. Perhaps you want to learn to speak up for yourself more often. Or you want to tone things down and do a better job of listening to others. Where's the balance?

Or perhaps you want to find the balance between being and doing? So much in life calls out for balance. What do you need to tend to today so your life feels in balance?

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