Monday, January 21, 2013

Walking the highwire

Walking the tightrope or highwire: What does that have to do with how you and I live our lives? I think there just might be some parallels.

Last week I blogged about balance and transformation. So much of life really is about balance. As I said last Friday, you and I try to balance caring for others with self-care. You and I balance maintaining a positive attitude with being honest and real about the problems and concerns we face, knowing that being a Pollyanna has its drawbacks and so does being Negative Nellie! You and I try to balance work and play, knowing that too much of either isn't healthy. And that's just a start.

I just read about those who walk tightropes or highwires. They need to be sure to keep their center of mass directly over their base of support. In other words, they must shift most of their weight directly over whatever it is that holds them up (arms or legs, for example).

Hmmmm, what might that mean for you and me? What "holds you up"? Where do you find your support? What's your foundation? Without thinking about it extensively, I would say my foundation is built on several things: my faith; my sense of humor; the love I share with my family, fiance and close friends; a positive attitude; and the deep-seated desire to find new life and transformation in the adversities I face.

That being the case, I need to be sure I do not wander out over the edges of that foundation. If I think I can go it alone, for example, and not use those resources I have in my dear family and close friends, I'm asking for trouble. I'm fooling myself. If I think I can shed my faith and my sense of humor (with great thanks to my parents for that legacy!) and still get through the tough things that come my way, I'm kidding myself. I need to stay firmly grounded in that which has sustained me in the past and will sustain me into whatever future I have.

How about you? What sustains you? What grounds you? If you'd like to explore this further and see how it relates to your present circumstance, please feel free to contact me for a complimentary strategy session.


  1. How nicely put! Tightrope-walking is a metaphor that has come to mind in all kinds of situations in my life. It's about balance, sufficient risk (but not too much), staying focused, blocking out "the noise," not moving to the extreme edges -- and having a solid support system. Thanks for this very special blog! Cheryl

  2. I just knew this would resonate with you. We have talked so much about this over the years. Yes, staying focused, blocking out noise (external AND some of the internal as well!) and sufficient risk. Indeed! Thanks for adding more to this blog. Anyone else have thoughts about balance and tightrope-walking?