Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Change can bring delight

Change. It's something we all too often resist, isn't it? Sometimes there's a positive side, though. Some changes even bring delight and joy!

I just spent a weekend staying with one of my granddaughters so her parents could have a weekend getaway. She turned 12 on January 3, so we got to celebrate her birthday and do lots of fun grandma-granddaughter things. I absolutely love those times together!

I thought a lot afterward about the changes. When Olivia was a little girl, I loved reading to her, rocking her and cuddling with her, and getting down on the floor to play with her. Then she entered her early grade school years and could read books to me. Our play looked different during those years, too. Now as she moves from girl to young adult, I'm aware of even more change. Her interests are so different now. Of course. And we talk more adult-to-adult (she's an only child so relates easily to adults). She teaches me volley-ball moves when we play outside. We love to play Bananagrams and word games. We love to watch Harry Potter movies together. We enjoy spa times and shopping together. We both love clothes and jewelry so like to pick those out together.

As I have with each of my nine grandchildren, I'm enjoying each stage of Olivia's life. Each age offers something new and delightful. When I look back on old photographs, I recall with a little nostalgia those days of her infancy and her toddler years. But I wouldn't change a thing! I love my times with the young adult Olivia and really look forward to all that is to come as I have a ringside seat to watch her growth and development from girl to woman!

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