Friday, January 25, 2013

Aging beautifully

"My grandson told me I had a wattle," one woman said laughingly, "but he loves me and I know he didn't mean it to be hurtful." Another woman said she'd earned her brown spots and wrinkles and had no plans to change them. Yet another advised keeping a sense of humor about the entire aging process.

My 6-year-old granddaughter loves to play with my loose skin and run her fingers over the raised blue veins in my hands. "Grandma Sonia, you're old," she told me once, simply making an observation. Yes, compared to her—and even compared to her parents, I am old! She's right. Not as old as I hope to be, certainly. But old to her. Yet she knows I'm always ready to get down on the floor and play with her or go to the park and run or swing like a young girl.

What's your attitude toward your aging process? Have you made friends with your aging body? With any of the sags or wrinkles that might appear? With a hair or two in brand new places?

Self-love is important. And I totally agree with the woman who advised keeping a sense of humor about aging. As you age, you have a wonderful opportunity to focus on healthy living—on caring for yourself, eating well, getting plenty of sleep, practicing gratitude, focusing on the positive, letting go of negativity and regret, forgiving more (yourself and others), following your passion and, yes, even creating new dreams!

What's more beautiful than that? Forget the wrinkles, the brown spots, the bad neck, the body parts following the pull of gravity. Focus on your health and on cultivating deep inner joy. Need some help doing that? Contact me—and let's talk!

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