Monday, January 28, 2013

It's no fun being stuck

I kept replaying the same tapes. "But I wasn't ready to leave my job yet." "I still have energy to do more." "This was so unfair." While many of the things running through my mind were true, these thoughts weren't getting me anywhere. I had just been Reduced in Force. Lost my job of 22 years. After a few months, I was simply stuck.

At some point, I got tired of my stuckness. If I was tired of it, I'm sure people around me were, too! It's no fun to be in that place ... and it's also difficult to watch someone you love be there, too.

It was time to move on. I applied for several jobs, and nothing worked out. Then I remembered that I'd been keeping a "Dreams Journal" for several years—a place to write down things I wanted to do someday. This journal wasn't for the dreams that filled my sleeping hours but for those that expressed my passions. Hmmmm, what had I long thought about doing and not pursued because I still was engaged in my journalism career? I had quite a list.

As I worked with the ideas in my Dreams Journal and talked in depth with a life coach, a new dream began to form. I journaled. I talked with my coach, with family and with friends. I did lots of grieving and letting go. I buried my old dream and gave birth to my new dream: a coaching practice of my own. I will never forget the joy that flooded my being the day I signed up to take my training to become certified as a life coach! That told me everything: This really was the right dream for me now.

I was unstuck and ready to roll again. My wheels were back on the track. Have yours gotten off the track? Do you feel stuck about some life question or another? Stuck in a job? Stuck in a bad relationship or stuck not knowing how to make it a healthier one? Stuck in creating new dreams? Let's get you off and running again! Contact me for a no-obligation, complimentary strategy session.

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