Thursday, January 10, 2013

Want that midlife zest?

Are you wondering where that midlife zest is? Why some say, "Life begins at 40" (or 50 or 60)? Or why they say, "The best is yet to come"?

If you aren't feeling any of that zest—and want to—ask yourself a couple of questions:

• What gives me joy?

• What am I doing to nourish good things in my life?

• What am I doing to bring light and joy into the world? (In bringing it to others, we feel it ourselves.)

If, instead, you are upset about the age you are, the health issues you face, the loss of capacity you had when you were younger, and other realities of your age, consider whether you may simply need some attitude adjustment. Sometimes it's a matter of seeing the cup half full rather than half empty. It could be a matter of focus (knowing that what we focus on gets larger); you might be looking at what's missing in your life rather than on what's there! Accentuate the positive.

You don't have to miss out on the good stuff! It's there waiting for you. What do you need to do to feel the joy? Take a small step today that will make a difference. Then take another. And another. That's how change and transformation happen—one small step at a time.

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