Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Joy in the small things

True confession. I didn't take down my Christmas tree until January 24. Was it because I was too busy? Too lazy?

None of the above. It was because I was still thoroughly enjoying it. I love sitting down in the evening, when I'm home, and enjoying the tree lights and the lovely ornaments when the lights shine through them. I so enjoy looking at the eclectic variety of ornaments, many of which have such meaning attached to them. Perhaps my sons made them. Or someone gave them to me. Or I bought them in another country during my global travels. Or I bought them when I was with a friend.

The fact is, I simply enjoyed my tree. And I wasn't ready to give it up at Epiphany. So I decided I wouldn't worry about the Christmas-tree police and would just keep it up until I was ready to take it down. Such a small thing. But what pleasure it brought me. On January 24, however, I was ready!

Know something, though? Tonight I came home amid a light snowfall; and when I got inside my house, I longed to sit down in front of my Christmas tree with its lovely purple lights again. But it's all packed away now. So I'll settle for feet up with a good book and a cup of hot tea.

Isn't it wonderful to come to the stage where we can do something just because it would bring us joy rather than because the calendar says it's time to do it?! What small thing have you done lately that brought you lots of pleasure?

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