Monday, February 11, 2013

Listen to your mood

Sometimes I have clients who are working on a very specific issue. Then one day during a phone session, I sense that they are not really into the topic at hand. I ask questions and eventually learn that they have been in a funk or low mood lately.

I believe firmly that our moods can tell us something. Author and educator Parker Palmer says we need to listen to our lives. Yes, we do. And we also need to listen to our moods. They are filled with a lot of information if we stop and pay attention.

Take your emotional temperature today. Are you in a relatively upbeat mood—for you? (We each have our own version of "upbeat" and "funk.") Or are you really down? Or somewhere in between?

What's going on? Is it situational? Is it because of lack of sleep or poor eating lately? Or might it be something more? Is it something that has an easy fix?

Take action. You don't have to stay in a funk. Talk it over with someone close to you. Tell your doctor or talk with a coach. Journal. Think it through. Plan ways that you can regain equilibrium again. Do whatever it takes to move on.

It all begins with listening to your mood, taking your emotional temperature. Please take time to do that. If your car were sputtering or making a strange sound, you'd take it to the shop and have it checked out. Your well-being is far more important than your car! Contact me if you'd like to discuss this.

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