Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life-learning No. 3

Number 3 of the important things I have learned as I've aged is the value of letting go. So much garbage accumulates in our lives through the years—both inside us and around us. Decluttering is an ongoing project.

You and I need to declutter our homes from time to time—closets, drawers and other spaces. New owners can enjoy those previously beloved treasures while other things simply are junk that can be tossed. How wonderful it feels to simplify and get rid of some "stuff."

Even more important is the process of decluttering our hearts and minds. You and I need to  let go of old thought patterns that no longer work, old resentments and anger, tired old stories about how we were hurt or done in by someone, complaints and gripes that are starting to sound like a stuck recording by now (I need to either do something about it or quit complaining!), and so much more.

As I've said in several previous blogs, letting go is a process that needs repeating at times. I let go of my anger at someone for some past hurt and think that's the end of it. But it reappears a few months later and catches me by surprise. What? Didn't I let go of that long ago? Yes, but pieces of it might remain and come up again. So let go again. And again. Do it as often as is necessary until you feel free of it.

Letting go of emotional baggage relieves stress and lightens our load for the journey. It is well worth the time and energy it takes to tend to it on a regular basis. See it as part of your life skills tool kit.

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  1. What an excellent reminder! Thank you. Seems to me the one who pays the biggest price is the one who hasn't been able to forgive...and is still carrying that baggage. I agree, letting go of some things doesn't always happen in one fell swoop!