Friday, February 22, 2013

Love your body

I saved the card. I liked its message in 2007 when I received it "just because." And I like its message today. So I'm going to share it with you. It came from a dear friend with whom I've been on a journey that embraces so many things—one of them being how we view our bodies, weight loss, being healthy and all that surrounds those issues so many of us face.

"Let's start a revolution," the card says. "Let's be BOLD. Let's love our tummies, our wrinkles, and curves. Let's celebrate our hips and thighs and all the parts of us the magazines say are too big or too small.

"Let's applaud our flaws and scars, and enjoy that we don't have to be air-brushed perfection. Let's say, "I LOVE MY BODY" and mean it, and feel comfortable in our own skin.

"Let's eat a meal and not feel guilty, and exercise because it feels good. Let's listen to our bodies and follow our intuition.

"Let's set our own standards of beauty—and open our eyes to how gorgeous we already are."

I really can't add anything more to that message. That card says it all. Print this out and tack it up somewhere. Read it. Again and again. Believe it. Let it live inside you! Share it with your friends.

You ARE gorgeous!

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