Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life out of control?

Does your life feel out of control these days? Your to-do list is way too long each day. Your energy is low. Your stress level is high.

It really doesn't help you to know that thousands of other Americans are in the same boat, does it? It's your life and you want to get some control over the craziness and busyness.

So here's a thought: What one thing can you do today that will help you gain some control? Just one tiny step really can amount to a huge step. And it's that first step that's so important. It signals your commitment to do more than complain about your busy life. It says you are committed to taking action—to making some changes.

Take a five-minute breather sometime today and spend that time thinking about where you can start. After you've selected one step and mastered that, take another step. And another. You'll feel good about that at so many levels!

And remember: It's not about perfection. It's about doing your best and not giving up. Cut yourself some slack if you get caught up in the busyness momentarily. Determine that you'll get right back to making the change necessary.

At my Weight Watchers meetings, we talk about the very same thing. If we go off plan for one meal or even one day, we are encouraged to forgive ourselves and just continue on plan the next meal or the next day. It's not all-or-nothing. It's about doing your best and forgiving yourself when you don't.

Good luck to you! It really is worth it to bring some sense of control and calm into your life. Please let me know how it's going in the Comment box below or by emailing me at

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