Monday, February 4, 2013

Paying attention pays

A friend of mine lost her job a couple years ago and has been engaged in a job search ever since. Just recently she told me that I had really helped her re-engage after she'd gotten discouraged.

I hadn't formally coached her. So I hadn't even realized I had played a part in her broadening her job search skills and efforts. It had happened one night over dinner, she told me, when she told me she'd tried everything she knew and it just wasn't working. No jobs. No interviews. No luck!

I do remember suggesting some other things she might try, including some networking options. She tried them, and one thing led to another and to yet another. Now she's going full-steam, has applied for several positions and is getting interviewed. I'm hoping she'll soon land something.

My point is that she really was listening. She was paying attention. I threw out some ideas when she was discouraged, and it would have been easy for her to miss those suggestions because she was feeling a bit down at the moment. But she was still awake and aware. She picked up on them and ran with the ideas.

It's a reminder to me to stay alert. I don't ever know when some offhand comment by someone might be just what I need to hear. See what things you notice today when you really pay attention.

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