Thursday, February 7, 2013

Play days aren't just for kids

Last Tuesday we had a play day. I love play days; they're definitely not just for children. My fiance, another couple and I took the "el" downtown and spent the day at the Art Institute of Chicago. First stop after we got off the train was a Starbucks not far from the art institute where we warmed ourselves up with lattes and hot chocolate. And then we walked on to enjoy the fabulous exhibits. What an adventure.

I always feel so fed after spending time looking at all the wonderful art forms. Of course, this art institute is like most others in that it's far too extensive to cover even half the exhibits in any one day. So it's always fun to choose which ones to see this time. Since I'm reading a novel about Claude Monet at the moment, I definitely wanted to spend lots of time in the Impressionists section.

My fiance is a photographer so we spent time in that section, and we also thoroughly enjoyed seeing a collection of glass paperweights, among other things. Stunning. How fun to be surrounded by so much beauty and think of all the talent and gifts that brought that art to us.

Time with friends. Beautiful art. Good food in the relaxed atmosphere of the institute's dining room. Light snow falling when we walked from the art institute back to the train stop. A wonderful day.

Have you taken a play day lately? Or even a play hour? Is it time for one? If your stress is getting to you, do something that will feed your soul. Do something just for fun. Give yourself the gift of self-care—in whatever form is just right for now. See how much better you'll feel!

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