Friday, February 1, 2013

Reach for your dreams

Do you still have dreams you'd like to realize? What are you waiting for?

Whatever is on your list, whether it's a bucket list (the big things you want to do), your thimble list (smaller and more regular things you want to do) or some other list, don't wait. Just do it. Or at least begin making plans and taking steps toward that dream or goal.

I cannot tell you how many times I've heard of someone waiting to do something special (a special adventure trip or a new career venture) and then death or a debilitating illness intervened.

We only have today. We don't know about tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that. So why wait?

If it's fear of some type holding you back, face the fear head-on. Bring your fears down to size by taking a good look at them and deconstructing them. (See my February ezine on how to deal with fears. It can be seen on Facebook if you haven't signed up for my free monthly ezine.)

If it's something practical such as finances holding you back, see whether there's a way you can take some small steps toward your goal or dream. Perhaps you may even have to tweak or revise it somewhat to make it fit your budget and your current reality.

If the dream is still worth having, do what it takes to move toward it. See how great it feels to feel your personal power and move with it. Leave behind whatever cocoons have been encasing you—and soar like the butterfly!

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