Monday, July 22, 2013

A life of wonder

This past month I've been witness to a huge miracle.

A friend in my women's Bible study group received the gift of new life when she finally got the liver transplant for which she'd been waiting eight years! Because her health had deteriorated so badly in the last several months, she also needed a kidney. She got both!

There were many times when we all thought that a liver and kidney wouldn't become available in time for her. But it did—and that huge miracle was filled with many tiny ones: her getting the transplants just hours before some law/policy changes that would have negatively affected where she was on the transplant waiting list, a transplant nurse she met while she'd been hospitalized with difficulties several weeks ago and who ended up being influential in my friend being the recipient of the available organs, and many more "coincidences."

Her amazing experience makes me wonder how many small miracles I overlook every day. What do I pass off as mere coincidence—or worse, not even notice at all?

Are you living your life awake and aware, noticing all the wonders around you, seeing miracles occur right before your eyes? How might your life be different if you watched for such things rather than focusing on to-do lists and the mundane?

Let's start today looking for miracles—and living in wonder!

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