Monday, July 1, 2013

Career twists and turns

I have friends and clients who have lost jobs and still are looking for another. I have some who still have a job and have never lost one. Still others have lost jobs and landed in something they really like. And I know some people who found a job—and know it isn't where they need to be right now. Those people are still searching and know themselves to be in transition. And some of my friends have retooled and started businesses of their own.

Where are you on that continuum? Or have you retired and no longer worry about employment?

These are difficult days, filled with many twists and turns. No matter where you are on the spectrum, it's important that you be honest with yourself about it. When you are, your action plan will be a realistic one. If you have a job and know you need to continue looking, for example, it's so much easier if you admit to yourself (and others close to you, who can keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities) that you are in transition and still looking. You can mentally prepare yourself for a path that has more twists and turns in it—and some surprises up ahead.

Being able to anticipate what may lie ahead creates a sort of cushion for us to land in. It's really all about expectations, isn't it? You and I have talked about that before. The closer your expectations can be to reality, the happier you will be. The better you feel about yourself and about life, the more positive you will be when job-hunting and interviewing. And the better your chances of landing are. So much depends on attitude and expectations. So much depends on your point of view. Does your outlook need an overhaul today? If so, what's one thing you can do now to improve it?

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any of these issues. I'm happy to offer a complimentary strategy session to see whether coaching might benefit you.

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