Thursday, July 18, 2013

Choose life

Yesterday I read something about how you and I each have burdens and the unique pains of living that each of us faces. And we have a choice: Become the wound or heal. We can choose life ... or we can sink down into whatever particular issue or pain with which we each deal in our lives. We can let our circumstances drag us further and further down into despair. Or we can do everything in our power to try rise above those circumstances, to face them in the healthiest way possible.

What are you carrying right now? Are you doing something about it? Are you making healthy, life-giving choices in dealing with it?

If not, would you like to change that? Are you tired of letting the wound(s) or the pain define you? If so, choose one thing you can do today that will move you toward a healing path to wholeness and happiness.

If you feel stuck and want some help getting back on track, please contact me for a complimentary and absolutely no-obligation strategy session. Choose life!

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