Monday, July 8, 2013

Do I own 'stuff' or does it own me?

Last Friday I talked about possessiveness and ownership, particularly as it dealt with relationships. But what about possessions? Are you at the stage where you're letting go of the "things" and "stuff"? I hear so many people talk about that these days: "I'm trying to get rid of some of my stuff so my kids don't have to do it when I'm gone." Or "I want to live a more uncluttered life, so I'm starting to get rid of what I've collected through the years." "I'm going for simplicity these days."

At any stage of life, that can be a good thing. It's really true that the more stuff we have, the more we have for which to care and worry. After a while, that stuff can own us rather than the other way around. We can spend more time attaining, sorting through it all, protecting it, cleaning it and worrying about storing it than we actually do enjoying it. And don't you sometimes wonder if the U.S. is the only country in the world where we have huge homes filled with things and still rent storage sheds in which to put additional stuff?

I'm starting to look at the things I own in a different way now. Is this something I really enjoy? Might someone else use it or enjoy it more? Is it taking more of my time than I want to spend? And when I either donate or take things to a resale shop, how do I feel about that letting go process? Do I feel lighter? And do I savor in a deeper way those things I decide to keep?

Whatever helps you to savor the truly important things in life is worth doing. Focus on the positive and what's important to you!


  1. One thing I've decided to do so that my closet doesn't get overloaded is not to buy any more hangers. In the first place, it's hard to find good wire hangers anymore, and in the second place, its too easy to let a closet get junky. So whenever I buy a couple of new blouses and can't find hangers for them, I choose (at least) two other items to give away.

  2. What a great idea! That really makes decluttering much easier, doesn't it?