Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What feeds you?

Because I just spent a week with my fiance and my three sons and their families relaxing in cabins near a lovely Wisconsin lake, I am more deeply in touch than ever with what feeds me: connections with those I love.

I know what a relational person I am. But experiences such as last week just reinforce and remind me. I loved the wonderful flow of energy as we moved in and out of community. Sometimes we enjoyed times of solitude, reading a book or going for a bike ride or walk. Sometimes we gathered spontaneously in groups of two or three, just sitting on the porch with our morning cup of coffee or enjoying a game of volleyball or tossing a frisbee. And always, there were the boisterous and wonderful times where all of us gathered to talk, laugh, eat, drink and play. Meals prepared and eaten in community were such a joy.

I returned home well fed emotionally. And I'm reminded to keep creating and feeding all those connections in my life that are so important to me.

What's important to you? What do you desire? What brings you joy? And what are you doing to get that in your life? What's necessary for your care and feeding? I urge you to pay attention to such things and take the time to get that in your life. I've heard too many people say, "When I retire, I'll do those things I love" or "When I have more time, I will spend more time with my loved ones." And then something happened ... and that time never came. Perhaps it was death. Or divorce. Or catastrophic illness. And then it was too late. Don't wait until tomorrow. Start today doing what's important to you. Follow your heart.

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