Monday, July 29, 2013

Look and feel good regardless of dress size

In January 2012 I asked whether size mattered. Does your dress size make a difference to who you are and how you see yourself? Does it make a difference in your self-esteem level?

It's well known that the better you look and feel, the stronger your self-esteem will be. However, that should not mean that women who wear size 6 will be happier than women who wear a size 18. In fact, it simply isn't true.

I just read a fascinating book by TV host Mika Brzezinski called Obsessed in which she discusses her own food addiction even as a size 2. Food addictions and issues aren't limited to those who are overweight or obese. Brzezinski calls women—and men—to something different than simply a smaller clothes size. She urges us all to pay attention to how we eat—to eating in a healthy manner, to self-care in all its aspects.

If you struggle with weight, either too much or too little, think instead of how you might better take care of your body. What small changes can you make to eat in a healthier fashion? What can you do to assure that you get enough sleep? That you reduce your stress as much as you're able to do? That you make sure to get enough movement or exercise?

Looking and feeling better doesn't necessarily mean a tiny dress size. I have seen women who simply glow and have all the self-confidence in the world and who are carrying more weight than what may be recommended for their age. It's a matter of taking the best care of yourself that you can—and then learning to love and accept yourself. I did yo-yo dieting for years and know those ups and downs from the inside. No more. Now I simply want to feel healthy and stay as active as I can without obsessing on it.

Please contact me if you wish to talk about self-esteem and/or weight issues. You don't have to deal with it all by yourself.

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