Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gifts that keep on giving

Yesterday I treated my three teenaged granddaughters to massages and pedicures after which we went out to dinner. One of my favorite things through the years has been the time I spent each summer on what I call "Grandma Days." Often these have been one-on-one experiences as I took one grandchild at a time for a fun day of doing whatever they wanted. Sometimes it was a day at the zoo, sometimes tea at the American Girl doll store in downtown Chicago, sometimes an amusement park or sometimes just dinner and a movie. These always included an overnight at Grandma's house, making sweet rolls, watching movies or whatever caught our fancy.

Now that many of my grandchildren are teens and pre-teens, the things we do have changed. And sometimes we do them together such as these massages when I take three girls at one time. What hasn't changed, though, is what these days mean to them. And to me! I treasure these times of connection, of getting to know them even better, of fun and laughter, of memory-building. What joy!

What I realize more and more is that I started out doing these days for my grandchildren. But as I look back over the years and the fabulous memories, I realize just how much they have meant and still mean to me. Every day of vacation I took (in the days when I had a job) to do these Grandma Days was more than worth it! Not only did Little Sonia get to come out and play—but Grandma Sonia has a rich storehouse of memories just packed with delight and joy! These days definitely are gifts that keep on giving ... and will for a lifetime.

What do you do for others that has turns out to have been a surprising gift to yourself?

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