Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On being human

Yesterday when I wrote this blog, I was having a bad and sad day. I felt zero creativity and energy. How on earth can I write an inspiring blog when I feel that way, I wondered.

So there I was, caught between those two points that are all too familiar to you and me as humans: the need to be real and be with what is—and the desire to rise above circumstances and stay positive. It's that life in balance once again, isn't it? Walking that tightrope of being human with all that means and also being the best self we can be, savoring all our moments and days. Quite a tightrope, isn't it?

When we face tough life situations, we make numerous decisions, most of them without thinking about it. Where we come down in terms of being with what is or staying positive and putting on our game face depends on the given day, how much sleep we've had, how much energy we feel, what the situation is, whether we've reached out to our support system and many other factors.

What helps you when you're on that tightrope?

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