Thursday, July 11, 2013

Living simply: Just do it

Recently I read a blog post by a writer who said he would give up one thing each month for 12 months. It's his way of trying to live simply and discovering what's really necessary in his life. It's an interesting concept. For example, one month he said he would give up coffee, another month it was alcohol, another was use of the computer/internet in the morning, and another was buying new things. His list was fascinating.

People talk a lot about simplifying their lives, about decluttering, about giving up what doesn't bring them joy or isn't good for them. But this man is doing it. He says if, after the month, he doesn't really want to add back into his life that which he gave up, he won't do it. And in each case, he has planned for a replacement for that month. For example, one month he is giving up buying things. His replacement for that month is "creating, borrowing, sharing." He's clearly thought this experiment through and knows it's good to replace an old habit with something else when we try to rid ourselves of the old one.

I give him credit for trying such an experiment. He's putting his money where his mouth is. It's easy to talk about what we want to change. He's taking that next step: committing to action.

Is this something about which you've thought? Do you want to pare down some activities in your life? Gain more free time? Or get rid of some of your stuff? And gain more space? Let this writer, Leo Babauta, inspire you to make a move in that direction. Just pick one thing and try that. See how that feels. Is it something you want to sustain?

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