Friday, January 30, 2015

Play not push

Have you ever worked so hard to make something happen? You've had this strong desire, and you move heaven and earth to bring it to fulfillment. Only it just won't come together. And then you loosen your grip on the dream or project (not totally letting it go, though)—and, voila, it does come together.

That doesn't always happen. But sometimes it does. We can really wear ourselves out struggling to make something happen, and it feels like such hard work. It is hard work. While it's not always true, sometimes it can be helpful to stop, take some breaths, loosen your grip, perhaps even invite others in to help, and then see if the dream or desired outcome won't come to life. The wisdom is in knowing just when to do this and when to keep pushing, of course.

I'm an Enneagram 8, and we tend to keep on keeping on. Sometimes that's a good trait. Other times, not so much. So I'm trying to learn to loosen my grip. Everything doesn't have to be such hard work. To do that, I'm starting to learn how to be creative in a playful way. My journaling can include colored pencils, crayons and newsprint as well as my bound journals and a pen. My exercises can include dancing and not just the treadmill and resistance bands. Get the idea? I'm trying to add some play into my life.

If this issue is something with which you struggle, I invite you to contact me for some conversation. And I'd love to hear your comments in the Comment Box below.

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