Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be direct

A friend told me last week that she learned a valuable lesson about being direct and going to the source.

An acquaintance of hers was diagnosed with cancer, and she wanted to know how that woman was doing. She was about to ask yet another friend about it when her husband suggested she go directly to the woman with the cancer. My friend did that, paying a visit to the acquaintance. It turned out that the woman hadn't had many visitors and was most grateful for this visit.

My friend said it taught her a valuable lesson about being direct. Are you afraid to talk with others when the news is bad? Sometimes it's easy to avoid people who have received bad news, whether a medical diagnosis or a job lost. And it becomes a lost chance to connect, support and encourage another. 

We women can be each other's strong supporters and encouragers. Sometimes we just need to get past our own discomfort and be direct. It's been said that men are better at being direct than we women. It could well be. But we are also quick learners--and we can definitely change that pattern.

Resolve today to go straight to the source rather than to a third party. Who knows what type of rich encounter or friendship may ensue?

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